For New Year’s,  I have been to London with my fiancé. First we went to see Hamilton – which was AMAZING. Then we saw dinosaurs at the Natural History museum (so cool!), went shopping for comic books (well, I did.) and generally just spent some amazing days at the Meridien Hotel. There, we also had a very fancy New Year’s Eve dinner with lots of delicious food and wine. I didn’t bring my DSLR, so these photos are just snapshots from my iPhone. Enjoy 🙂

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If you are not familiar with Patreon, it’s a platform that allows creators to get paid for their work. This includes creators of podcasts, comics, blogs, art, etc. etc.

You can support me from 1$ up to 50$ (limited to 10 patreons). At the 50$ tier you get a signed and numbered print of one of my photographs send to your home. Yay! 😀

It’s new and it’s exciting and I hope some of you will join me in this new time of my life.

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Poverty by Milena Iciek

Something that people in rich countries don’t (want to) see: Poverty. It’s everywhere. You just have to open your eyes to see the truth. This photo was taken in a small viallage in Poland. This is where my mother grew up. This is where I went in my summer holidays. This is the house our neighbors live in, today. And this is not the worst of it. At least, these people have the community in the village, other neighbors to share food and clothing with. Others aren’t that lucky. I grew up in poverty. Whenever I visit my grandmother, and see how few others live by, even now that Poland is a member of the European Union, I’m reminded of how lucky I am. It makes me appreciate my current situation much more.