Garden in Okinawa

Garden in Okinawa by Milena Iciek

For this week’s Photo Challenge Landscape, I went back to my photos from Japan. I loved this park in Okinawa. It was huge and in its middle was this small lake with a tea pavillion. The light wasn’t the best but I still like it.

Mother and Child

Mother and Child by Milena Iciek

Families are enjoying themselves in the park on a sunny day in Cologne, Germany. As I watched these families, I knew I had found my image for this week’s Photo Challenge One Love.

Big smile

Big Smile by Milena Iciek

Supernatural fans will agree that Jared Padalecki is like a ray of sunshine on a cold winter day. I thought long about what I wanted to enter for this week’s Photo Challenge. When I found this photo I took at the Asylum 14 convention, it was settled. Michelle W. from the Daily Post quoted harmony as being “[…]the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.” I think Jared more than fits this description 😉

Breaking through the clouds

Breaking Through The Clouds by Milena Iciek

My entry for this week’s Photo Challenge Seasons. This photo was taken in Wilhelshaven, Germany. It was a stunningly cold but beautiful day at the ocean. My friend who I was visiting at that time invited me to go see the Unesco World Natural Heritage site there. The Wadden Sea tourist center was very interesting and offered this beautiful view from its observation deck. In the winter, the sea is really uninviting. It’s rough and freezing. In addition to that, the wind was so strong, I had to grip my camera tightly in order not to have it ripped from my hands. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience and I hope to be able to go again in the summer.