Leiden Architecture


Leiden Architecture by Milena Iciek



Hashima Ruins

Ruins on Hashima
Broken building

Hashima Ruins by Milena Iciek

These ruins can be seen on the deserted island Hashima 端島, also known as Gunkanjima 軍艦島 (Battleship Island). Since 2015, Hashima is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The former mining facility was closed and abandoned in 1974, when the coal mines ceased to be profitable. Since then, the island is pretty much left like it was, the buildings slowly falling apart due to the harsh storms raging out in the open sea. Hashima can only be visited by boat as part of a guided tour. Most of the island is closed off to visitors as it’s simply too dangerous for them to be wandering around when debris from the buildings could fall at any time.


Form-a by Milena Iciek

This week’s entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge – “Variations on a theme” – is a little abstract. Can you spot the original photo? I only played around with the colour setting on this one… I might post another entry as I like this week’s theme quite a lot. It gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to interpreting it.

London – End of 2017

For New Year’s,  I have been to London with my fiancé. First we went to see Hamilton – which was AMAZING. Then we saw dinosaurs at the Natural History museum (so cool!), went shopping for comic books (well, I did.) and generally just spent some amazing days at the Meridien Hotel. There, we also had a very fancy New Year’s Eve dinner with lots of delicious food and wine. I didn’t bring my DSLR, so these photos are just snapshots from my iPhone. Enjoy 🙂

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